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We would like to hail you to the EG Technologies family. Feel liberated to surf through our blogsite as you undertake to value our identity in the circles o Information Technology, Audio Visual and Telecommunications Systems. Know who we are, what we do, where we started from and where we are heading to.

Information Technology is an extensive facet that is evolving steadily with time. It is for this reason that, we have taken an undertaking in this field with a full view of exploring the precincts of this area. Furthermore, we have taken keen interest to try by all means to diversify and look at other Information Technology related circles and this has brought us to the realms of two very important aspects, these been; Audio Visual and Telecommunications Systems.

With an exceptional team of competent experts in these fields, we can most assure you that your needs and requirements will surely be attained.

At EG Technologies, we are functionally and clued-up when it comes to matters that rely on Information Technology, Audio Visual and Telecommunications Systems. We will modestly ask for your guidance were it is due just like we expect you to also give in return.

About Us

EG Technologies was founded in the year 2005. It strategically started its operations in the following year. It has since grown steadily in three sectors of its services; Information Technology solutions, Audio Visual and Telecommunications Systems. We have brought positive competition to the IT, AV and Telecoms market making us one of the market leaders in Information Technology, Audio Visual and Telecommunication Consultancy. Our focus has been and still is in providing cost effective, reliable and high quality Information Technology, Audio Visual and Telecommunication solutions to the Zambian populace and this has been acknowledged by technically and economically demanding clients.

Company Profile


We would like to acknowledge the following high institutions of learning in Zambia; Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Science (EHC)and the many lecturers too numerous to mention for having endowed us with the greatest edification in the area of Computer Studies in the years 1999 – 2002. The University of Zambia (UNZA) Cisco Academy (Barbara Munyati) and the lecturers and instructors for the profound knowledge in the area of Networking i.e. Cisco Certification in the years 2006 – 2007. The University Of Greenwich (GRU) and the Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies (ZCAS) and the many lecturers in the area of Computing and Information Systems in the years 2009 – 2010.

At EG Technologies, we are alive to the fact that there are so copious challenges that we are primed to come across on our way. We are a committed team of professionals with extensive knowledge in the area of Computing and information systems.

In synopsis, we have learnt through out the years both academic, operational, practical or otherwise, to be focused and up to standards in everything that we do. Through technology, we have come to appreciate at the end of it all that we have pursued an interest in; Accounting, Mathematics & Statistics, Business Communication, Application Packages, Database Management Systems, Programming, Computer Architecture, Systems Analysis and Design, Management/Distributed information Systems, Operating Systems, Project Management, Networking, Electronic Commerce, Web Engineering etc.

To all of them we say, thank you so much for making us be what we are today with the advancement of technology world over. We wouldn’t have been what we are without the commitment and hard work of the afore mentioned institutions and members of staff. It has been a rough road over the years, but we believe that the sky will always be the catch point for us.

At EG Technologies, we deem in disseminating the comprehension and skills that have been imparted in us. We give thanks and glory to the almighty God. May the good lord guide you all!


EG Technologies has been operational since January 2005.It has grown steadily in three sectors of its services; Information Technology solutions, Audio Visual and Telecommunications.

We have brought positive competition to the IT, AV and Telecoms market, making us one of the market leaders in Information Technology Consultancy, Audio Visual & Telecommunication Services.

Our focus has been and still is in providing cost effective, reliable and high quality Information Technology, Audio Visual solutions and Telecommunications services to the Zambian populace and this has been acknowledged by technically and economically demanding clients.

We believe that efficiency and flexibility are key to success. This belief is reflected in our small and flat management structure, avoiding the bureaucracy that exists in many local based companies.

Our technical capability is enshrined in our highly educated and experienced staff who among them bring diverse skills.

We are building our future on providing quality & timely Information Technology, Audio Visual solutions and Telecommunications services, committed support and basically a happy client base.

We pride our selves in the belief that your IT, AV and Telecoms solutions requirements will be met. We shall go to every extent to satisfy your needs in any contract we engage ourselves in.

We honorably request that you invite us so that we may discuss and understand your needs in more detail.

This will in turn avail us a broader perspective of your precise rations and our team of experts shall be at your retention at your expedient appointment.


 IT Consultancy Services
 WAN & LAN Design
 WAN & LAN Installation & Implementation
 IT Networks Security
 WAN Bandwidth Management
 Cisco Solutions/Routers & Switches
 Disaster Recovery Solution
 Proactive Network Support Contracts
 Antivirus Solutions
 Software Licence Management
 UPS Power Solutions
 Computer Hardware & Software Supply & Installation
 Computer Hardware & Software Repairs & Maintenance
 VSAT Data Carrier Services
 VPN & WAN Connectivity
 Internet Connectivity
 Firewalls
 Solution Planning & Design
 Project Implementation
 PABX Installation & Implementaton
 Web Designing, Maintenance & Commissioning
 Graphic Designing
 Database Design, Implementation & Commissioning

 System Software Development, Design & Implementation;
• Banking System Software
• University/College System Software
• Secondary/Primary/Pre-School System Software
• Hotel/Lodge/Guesthouse Reservations System Software
• Sales/Billing System Software
• Loan Management System Software
• Car Hire/Rentals System Software
• Airline Booking System Software
• Clearing/Forwarding System Software
• Internet CafĂ© Time/Billing System Software
• Car Parking System Software
• Warehousing/Stocking System Software
• Fleet/Company Management System Software


Hire of Information Technology Equipment

 Laptops
 Desktops
 Photocopiers
 Scanners
 Printers
 Fax Machines
 Cisco Products
 All Computer Accessories

Hire of Audio Visual Equipment

 LCD Projectors
 Remote Mouse
 Laser Pointers
 Projection Screens
 Portable Screens
 Plasma Screens
 Overhead Projectors
 Video Projectors
 Video Recorders
 Video Cameras
 Video Cassette Recorders
 Audio Recorders
 Audio Cassette Tape Recorders
 Flipchart Stands
 Audio Visual/Video Splitters
 Digital Video Decoder Players
 P.A. Systems – Indoor & Outdoor
 Sound Systems
 Interpretation Equipment
 Digital/Still Photo Shooting & Editing
 Video/DVD Shooting & Editing
 Conference System Over 100 Delegates
 Mega Phones
 Electric Diesel/Petrol Generators


EG Technologies started providing IT solutions to the Zambian market on the 4th of January, 2005. Its formation was targeted at providing cost effective and reliable IT services. In the years 2007 and 2009 we also ventured and started providing services in Audio Visual Equipment hire and Telecommunications. Initially, IT, AV and Telecoms services were dearly priced in Zambia until the arrival of EG Technologies onto the Market. We are proud to mention that we have become the yardstick on pricing IT, AV and Telecommunications services in Zambia.


Our strength is derived from the indigenousness of our services to the clientele as we pride ourselves to be a young and upcoming Zambian firm with the strategy to expand wholly in the next five years from inception.
We strongly believe that with the commitment and support we are receiving for the rendered services, we will surely make it to that bright future of excellence.


Derived from the primary focus of our formation, EG Technologies concentrates its activities on the following;

 Information Technology
 Audio Visual Equipment
 Telecommunications Services

EG Technologies has since received market acceptance and corporate installations and set-ups have increased steadily.
Our ability to offer state of the art services comes from our systematic choice to obtain our IT, AV and Telecoms Equipment services from reputable South African tier one suppliers. Currently we are focusing on increasing and expanding our Services and products in Zambia making us the real home groomed IT/AV/Telecoms entrepreneur.

Our staff comes from well-exposed institutions with experiences ranging from 3 to 10 years in respective industries. Our technical team is particularly strong and we consider this the best IT/AV/Telecoms team in and around Zambia.


 Information Technology Consultancy.
 Networking Infrastructure/Design and Commissioning.
 Telecommunications; Installations & Configurations (PABX Systems).
 Web/Database Designing, Maintenance and Development.
 Internet Infrastructure Set-up and Configuration.
 Router, Modem, and Data line installation and configuration, commissioning and problem solving.
 Audio Visual Equipment Set-ups; LCD, OHP, PA System, Digital etc.


Ours is a truly customer focused company and we have made sure that our management structure reflects this.

Managing Diector

Technical Director

Operations Director

Engineers - Network, Technical & Telecoms

General Manager

Technicians - Information Technology & Audio Visual

Accounts, Sales, Marketing, Logistics & Customer Care

Open Vision

To be leaders in providing Information Technology and Audio Visual Services beyond basic IT/AV infrastructure, to give our customers the knowledge, technology and intellectual resources to enable them to succeed in the emerging e-business world.

Principal Values

Being proficient in all our dealings
Being apparent with each other
Keeping promises to all our stakeholders
Adopting and practicing healthy habits
Working as a squad

Mission Statement

We may not have the solution
But we will endeavour to find it

We may not have the flattering time
But we will guarantee that we make it

We may not be the prevalent
But we’ll be the most stanch
To your triumph

Because at EG Technologies
We believe that……

Satisfaction is Wealth
That never runs out


These are some of our Clients:

 Teleshops
 Kids Alive Zambia (KAZ)
 Zambia Pre-School Association (ZPA)
 Zambia Bottlers Plc
 Plan it-Designs
 Grandad
 Lafe Hotel
 Corpus Legal Practitioners
 Mwembeshi Secondary School
 Portico Italiano Restaurant
 Varun Beverages (Z) Ltd
 Africa Now Zambia
 Angolan Embassy
 Saccord
 Karori Enterprises & Wholesalers
 Catholic Community (Chelstone)
 Kumbata Business Solutions
 Lafarge
 EXP Momentum
 Wright Trading Company
 Gondwe Chambers
 Chipepo Boys Secondary School
 Best Home Lodges
 Galaunia Farms Ltd
 Westline Investments Ltd
 Juls Travel, Tours & Guest House
 World Wide Fund for Nature
 National Building Council
 Fairview Hotel
 Tianshi Zambia Limited
 M.A. & C Office & Industrial Suppliers
 Cabinet Office
 Coral Transport & Investments
 K&K Property Development Limited
 Women Entrepreneurship Development Association of Zambia (WEDAZ)
 Commercial IT Services Limited
 Lusaka Hotel
 LinkerNet Limited
 Taj Pamodzi Hotel
 DMT Enterprises Limited
 Ministry of Health
 Kaddoura Construction Limited
 Meanwood Finance Corporation Limited
 International Organization for Migration (IOM)
 ICWE - Germany

Contact Details

EG Technologies ® 2005
Tel: + 260-211-262390 | Fax: + 260-211-262137 | Cell: + 260-969-759640 |
Hotlines: + 260-977-878274 | + 260-966-878274 | + 260-955-878274 |
Emails: | | |
Skype: eg_technologies | Aim: egtechnologies | Hotmail: egtechnologies | ICQ:
609430202 |
Website: | |
Annex Building | Great East Road | Mulungushi International Conference Centre | Lusaka 10101, Zambia |

* Ours is the passion and determination coupled with discipline and hard work!


EG Technologies Disclaimer

This document is for the personal and private attention of the addressee and should be read by the addressee only. EG Technologies, its subsidiaries and/or any of its associate companies accepts no liability and/or responsibility whatsoever for all and any consequences arising out of but not limited to the receipt by a party, other than the addressee, of this communication. If you have received this communication in error, please notify us immediately thereof by telephone. Kindly destroy this communication immediately. Any form of reproduction, dissemination, copying, disclosure, modification, distribution and/or publication of this communication is strictly prohibited.


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